Good times roll in Bienville Square

Bienville square

It was a fairly dry, yet chilly start to the Fat Tuesday festivities in Bienville Square. There’s just something about this spot that keeps pulling people back year after year.

“We’ve been doing this for about three years. Three years. Yep (we’re) always here,” Cullen Wilson, a parade fan, said.

“We come down here every year. We enjoy it, coming down here and having fun with the children. Just having family time,” Sheryl Worley, another parade watcher said.

And with all the parades set to roll by this spot Tuesday, people here said you can’t ask for a better spot to catch throws.

“(I like) getting stuffed animals and toys and catching stuff,” 8-year-old Anna said.

“Moon pies! Love my moon pies,” Brad Lampley added.

But for Lampley and his friends, the rain made Tuesday a one parade kind of day.

“All the rain, cold weather, I ain’t going to have the flu next week,” Lampley said.

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