Folks shopped to avoid rainy, cold Fat Tuesday

Fat Tuesday shoppers

While many have refused to let cold and rainy weather ruin their fun downtown, others decided to go shopping instead.

“We’re not going down there. It’s too cold. I don’t want sick kids next week,” said one local shopper.

“The weather’s too bad. It’s too cold. I’m just hanging out in the mall and doing a little shopping,” another shopper said.

Many of the mall’s stores saw an increase in foot traffic as crowds of shoppers stayed warm, dry and spending money.

But not all the shoppers allowed the weather to ruin their parade going completely.

Chris Calhoun and his family went early and stayed just long enough to see the first parade.

“We came down for Fat Tuesday. We hadn’t seen in it in 5 years since we moved,” said Calhoun, “Then we went to the mall. You’re not in Mobile if you don’t come to the mall.”

Mall officials say Mardi Gras season as well as Fat Tuesday always means an increase in business but today’s weather meant more shoppers than expected.

“It’s hard to put a number on it but the whole Mardi Gras season is a significant part of Mobile. It’s getting close to Easter in importance of retail sales,” said Tim Nolan, general manager of Bel Air Mall.

Still, with plenty of parades to come, many folks are hoping the Fat Tuesday’s weather takes a turn for the better.

If you’re hoping to catch up on some shopping, the mall will be open until 9 p. m.


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