Fat Tuesday parade schedule 2014


Mobile Parades:
10:30 a.m.    Order of Athena – Route A
12:30 p.m.    Knights of Revelry – Route A
1:30 p.m.      Comic Cowboys – Route A
2 p.m.   MAMGA Mammoth Parade – Route B
6 p.m    Order of Myths – Route C

Baldwin County Parades:
10 a.m.  Gulf Shores Mardi Gras Association
2 p.m.  Orange Beach Parade

If you plan to go to the parades, leave early to get a parking spot. You can utilize the parking lot at the Civic Center or the parking garage next to Riverview Plaza and the Cruise Terminal Parking Garage.  You take your chances if you don’t park in a designated area.  Cars parked illegally will be towed – especially those that are in the path of a parade route, or those that hamper traffic. It is up to the MPD to identify which cars will be towed.

“We have a temporary impound lot near Conception and Monroe Street near the old Rousso’s restaurant where we will take these cars. If you get there before 10 you can retrieve your car with identification for $125. After about 10, we take those cars to our permanent impound lot at 1251 Virginia Street. There, you’re going to have to show a proof of insurance, show your driver’s license, pay the $125 fine plus a storage fee,” said Ashley Rains with the Mobile Police Department.

Also don’t cross the barricades during a parade.  That ticket will cost you a whopping $238.

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