PPD: Man shoots into car with kids inside

A man is in Mobile County Metro Jail after an argument turned violent, according to Prichard Police Chief Jerry Speziale.

Investigators said Darnell Tillman and his girlfriend started to argue Sunday, March 2 at a Mobile Mardi Gras parade. The couple left the parade and continued to fight on their way home to Prichard, according to the PPD.

Speziale said the couple pulled into Di’Lena’s Cafe off Dunlap Circle. He said Tillman grabbed his girlfriend’s gun and shot into their car. Speziale said a 3-year-old and an infant were inside.
“You have two children in car discharging a firearm? No, that’s just unacceptable and that could have been a homicide. Or that child could have been killed,” Speziale said.

Councilwoman Earline Martin-Harris’ owns Di’Lena’s Cafe and said she was at the restaurant when a frantic woman came inside. She said she went outside and tried to calm the gunman down.

“I just took charge. And I got him to put his gun down […] I just told him – I gave him a hug. I just walked up to him and have him a hug. His gun was to his side,” said Martin-Harris.

Martin-Harris said she was worried about the children.

“I said, ‘Listen, don’t do this in front of your kids. This is a bad situation,'” the councilwoman said.

Officers found Tillman a few hours later—inside his girlfriends house in Alabama village.

“We did room sweeps and found Mr.Tillman drunk in bed sleeping with the firearm in the kitchen,” said Speziale. Tillman is facing a number of charges including shooting into an occupied car and domestic violence.

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