Parade goers look to stay warm in cooler temps

Walking downtown Monday, March 3 the crowd we found wasn’t lined up along the parade route. Instead they were in the coffee shop ordering hot chocolate, coffee, and anything to keep warm.

Outside, many were talking about their outfit changes: t-shirts and shorts for Joe Cain Day, everything in the closet for Monday!

“It’s pretty miserable, really windy and cold,” said one parade-goer.

Along with the cold temperatures the wind was making it extra chilly. So if you are going down Monday night or Tuesday, be ready.

One couple in from Dallas aren’t complaining. They said it was in the teens there Monday morning. They said they will stay warm.

“Each other that’s what we’ve got,” they said.

Others are staying warm by other means. One tiny parade-goer said her jeans would keep her warm.

One group said this, you can use your imagination on this one.

“Oh you know, different things. We’ve got resources,” they said.

So whether using “resources”, wearing jeans, or snuggling up to someone, hope you find a way to stay warm. Another way, jumping for beads and moonpies we hear, can work up quite a sweat.

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