Lundi Gras wraps up in downtown Mobile

Monday night, March 3, the Infant Mystics wrapped up the parades before Tuesday’s celebrations in the streets in downtown Mobile.

“The Appeal of Mobile” was this year’s theme for the Infant Mystics. Floats in the parade featured the sights and sounds of the Mobile area including the USS Alabama and a statue of Raphael Semmes.

Many were attracted to ‘the appeal’ Monday…and the cold weather did not stop thousands from coming to the parade. The temperatures steadily declined as the day went on, but the appeal of Mardi Gras remained consistant.

“I’m going to be dressed really warm. Very warm,” said one reveler about her Fat Tuesday plans.

“When you come prepared for cold-weather, you wear warm clothes. This is a great place to be,” said a woman with a fur hat and fur coat.

FOX10 News got an exclusive look at the parade from the Hargrove Engineering building.

“I’ve come to Mardi Gras for years but I’ve never actually been on the balcony before till now,” said Ben from Mobile.

Below on the ground, FOX10 News found Mary Ann Halliday. She was ready for some throws with her family.

“My tradition is, my family always meets right here. They come from all directions but we always meet here as a family…for 56 years.

FOX10 News will be covering the parades all day on Fat Tuesday. A special Mardi Gras show will air from 12 noon until 2 pm. Also, coverage of the parades can be seen in our newscasts at 4, 5, and 9 pm.

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