Friend: Parent says crash is a life lesson

A Murphy High School cheerleader was still in the hospital Monday, March 3 recovering from a car crash that killed one friend and left four others injure

Nura McMillian’s friend Kiara Taylor was at the hospital all day Sunday, March 2.

“There’s a lot of tears and stuff on the hospital a lot if crying because it just happened,” Taylor said.

Taylor said she stayed at the hospital for 11 hours Sunday visiting her friends and praying with their families.

“One of the parents said this is a life lesson, and this happened for a reason. Everything happens for a reason and this is going to show kids y’all can’t be five or six in the car with only five seats and if there’s not enough room. Y’all need to wear seat belts and y’all need to find another ride if there’s not enough room,” Taylor said.

Taylor said most of the teens are freshmen at local high schools and some of them are starting to show signs of improvement.

“Alexis, she’s smiling and taking pictures. Any of us could have been in the car because we’re all friends with them,” Taylor said.

Mobile police said the crashed killed 19-year-old Michael Thompson.

Taylor said she’s keeping her friends and their families in her heart and hoping to visit them soon. She said her friend Michael Thompson liked to rap and tell jokes.

Mike Yates works at the Ollies Restaurant and said the vehicle was on fire when he reached the scene.

Mobile police are investigating the accident but they said speed was a factor.

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