Restaurant employee describes deadly crash scene

MOBILE, Ala. -Mobile police are investigating a deadly accident involving a car full of teenagers.  It happened just after midnight on Grelot Road near Hillcrest.

One teen is dead, five others are in the hospital.

Chad Mason was called in to clean up scattered chunks of concrete Sunday morning.  That, and a broken hubcap was all that was left from the midnight accident on Grelot Road.

“It looked bad.  It looked like someone was really really speeding a lot,” Mason said.

Police also believe speed was a factor in the wreck.  According to police a car driven by a juvenile was headed west when it left the road and slammed into a business.

“The markings go all the way down. They hit this curb took out a six foot section of the barrier wall there.  Hit another curb and smacked up against the grand slam storage building.   On it’s side? There hit on it’s side, and then fell back. Yes ma’am and when it landed the tires got flattened,”  Mike Yates said.

Yates is a cook at the nearby Ollies Restaurant. He said the car was already on fire when he ran outside with a fire extinguisher.

“The flames were coming a foot and a half above the engine block, and I just started spraying with the fire extinguisher to put the flames out,” he said.

Police said there were six juveniles in the car. One was dead on the scene. Five others were taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Putting out the fire may have saved lives, because Yates said they couldn’t get the kids out of the damaged vehicle.

“A couple of other bystanders that come out, wanted to open the doors. I said no you pull the metal here it’s going to put pressure in there and it might hurt them. We can pull on the glass, but not the metal. So that’s what we were trying to do just move some of the glass out of the way so we could see them,” he explained.

Yates said it’s hard to believe anyone survived the crash.

“You take your regular size window, it was smashed down to this. We could barely see an arm hanging out this window or tell that there’s a face right there. We really couldn’t get to them. The vehicle was totaled out,” he said.

It was Mobile Fire Rescue that actually got the kids out of the vehicle.

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