MPD: Shooter flagged an officer down after killing relative

Mobile Police say 31-year-old Caiaphas Milton fatally shot a family member, 35-year-old Marcus Bell, in the early morning hours on Saturday, March 1.

Police say the shooting occurred near the intersection of Cottage Hill and Azalea Roads.

Police tell FOX10 News, after Milton fired the shot, Milton noticed a passing police car and waved at the officer for help.

“The shooter actually flagged down law enforcement and alerted him to what had just taken place,” explained Public Information Officer Terence Perkins with Mobile Police, “So law enforcement was in the area, as he was doing routine patrol, and was stopped by the actual shooter.”

Milton was held for questioning, but no charges have yet been filed against him.

Police say they will present the case to a grand jury and the shooting remains under investigation.

FOX10 reached out to the victim’s family, but as this is a difficult time, they declined our request for comment.

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