The Self-Destructing Smart Phone

It’s a smart phone that would make James Bond jealous.

Aerospace Company Boeing unveiled a new “self-destructing” smart phone this week. It’s the “Boeing Black.” The company says it’s meant for people who work for the government in defense and homeland security. The “self-destruct” feature isn’t quite as dramatic as it sounds. It simply erases all its data if someone tries to break into the phone. The phone has loads of other security features. It encrypts all calls and stored information. The Boeing smart phone is expected to be out this summer. No word on how much it will cost.

Using Facebook has been shown to lead to a number of positive outcomes, from keeping you connected to your friends, to raising your self-esteem. But according to a new study, there’s a not-so-pleasant consequence of too much Facebook time. This study was done by researchers at Columbia University and the University of Pittsburgh and found that people who spent more time on the site have:-less persistence in their next task following their time on the sit, -are more likely to overeat, -and, were more likely to spend money, leading to a higher credit card balance and a lower credit score.

Why? The researchers say that it’s all about Facebook lowering our self-control. They found that Facebook makes people happy, because it makes them feel better connected to friends and family and improves self-esteem. And when people feel good, researchers say that they let their guard down and self-control fails.

And, Walmart’s Sam’s Club is testing a subscription service. It’s similar to Amazon’s “subscribe and save” program. Sam’s Club’s new service will let customers order seven hundred items including diapers, office supplies and beauty products online from the warehouse club, and get free shipping.

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