MAWSS disappointed in ruling, moving forward


The Mobile Area Water Sewer system is looking into making a change in Washington after losing a court battle.

MAWSS and Plains Southcap reached a negotiated settlement agreement in ongoing battle concerning the construction of a pipeline through the Big Creek Lake watershed. Plains will condemn MAWSS’ land and build an oil pipeline through Big Creek Lake, Mobile County’s water supply.

“We fought a long hard court case and we lost,” said Barbara Shaw, MAWSS Spokesperson.

Mobile county residents like Larry Godfrey wished they could have had more input on the matter.

“In all reality this shouldn’t be in MAWSS hands. It should be in the hands of citizens of Mobile county and the citizens of the city of Mobile to make a decision on the situation,” said Godfrey.

Shaw says an appeal would be expensive and attorneys have advised against it, so the board is moving forward. Plains agreed to pay MAWSS $2.7 million, which the water system will use to help protect Mobile’s drinking water supply.

FOX10 News asked what kind of projects will be on the table.

” This has not been decided yet and there are a number we are looking at,” said Shaw.

Ultimately MAWSS believes changes need to be made to federal laws and Shaw is asking people for their support.

“What we would like to do is, We would like for them to join us in an effort to try to get this federal pipeline safety act amended. Because right now it trumps everything,” said Shaw.

Plains said it has followed recommendations from MAWSS engineers to enhance the safety of the pipeline.


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