Maids of Jubilee celebrate 30 years of revelry

The Maids of Jubilee, the Eastern Shore’s first women’s Mardi Gras organization, celebrated their 30th anniversary Friday night, February 28.

Their parade took off at 6:45 p.m. from the Fairhope Civic Center with a theme of celebratory events. Each float is dedicated to various occasions that are celebrated with champagne.

“I wanted to go with a theme that celebrates different events in life, different things that you celebrate with champagne,” explained the Maids of Jubilee President, “So it’s kind of playing off lifestyles of the rich and famous, champagne wishes, and jubilee dreams.”

Hundreds of children and adults alike turned out Friday night to enjoy the bubbly parade.

“The ladies put on a great parade, and we love it,” said Jeff Darby, who said he’s attended the parade for some five years in a row, “Laissez les bons temps rouler!”

Even those marching in the parade said it’s something special they look forward to.

“I always love doing the parades and marching them every year, and instead of just watching it, it’s just a different experience getting to be a part of it,” said Lindsey Scott, a Fairhope High School Band Member who marched in Friday’s parade.

The president of Maids of Jubilee said 30 years ago, the organization started from the bottom up.

“Well 30 years ago, I think it’s really telling that this organization started with just 100 members with $100 each and they formed the Maids of Jubilee, and over 30 years we’ve grown into a tremendous organization of sisterhood,” she said.

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