Postal workers credited with saving customers’ lives

A Mobile letter carrier is being called a hero. He saved the life of a man while he was on his route.

This is one of three recent incidents where Postal Service officials in Mobile said employees went beyond the call of duty to help people with medical needs.


Bob Tolson was delivering the mail Friday to neighborhoods off Government Boulevard, just like any other day.

But, one afternoon a few weeks ago, his deliveries were anything but routine.

In fact, something was seriously wrong in the Crestview subdivision where he delivers mail.

Tolson said, “I saw a gentleman lying on the ground, another guy was supporting his head, but, nothing else was being done.  His wife was kind of frantic.”


When asked what went through his mind when he saw that, Tolson said, “I knew I had to stop and do something.”

Tolson said he went over and provided hands only CPR.

When asked how long he did CPR for, Tolson said, “Forever:  it seemed like forever. I don’t know what the response time was, but, I knew that, from previous training, that all I had to was keep going until professionals arrived, and, that’s basically what I did.”

When asked if he remembered whether his heart started beating again, Tolson said, “I never detected a pulse the whole time I was there.”


Postal Service officials said the man was rushed to the hospital, and survived.

Tolson’s supervisor said it was a blessing he was there.

Customer Service Manager Leander Harrison said, “I’m extremely proud.  We have a great work force here, and, they’re very committed.”

When asked how it felt to be part of something like that, Tolson said, “That’s hard to say.  I don’t feel like I did anything special.  I just saw somebody in need and helped them out.”


Before we left, Tolson had one more thing he wanted to say.

He said, “I would suggest that everybody take a CPR course through the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross, or something like that, because you never know when just a little bit of knowledge is going to help out somebody in a very tremendous way.”


Late Friday afternoon, Fox Ten talked by phone with the man Tolson helped.

His name is Alfred Jefferson.

Jefferson said he had a heart attack, and doctors told him only one percent of people survive what he went though.

He thanks Tolson for saving his life.

Jefferson said he was unconscious for four days.


The second incident of a Postal Service employee helping a customer involved an 85 year old Mobile woman.

The daughter of the woman said her mother fell and broke her leg getting mail.

But, she is crediting quick work by a letter carrier and Mobile Fire Rescue crews for helping her.

It started when Betty Chenoweth’s daughter said her mother tried to get mail out of the outside mailbox in her neighborhood.

Chenoweth’s daughter, Loretta Barton, said her mother reached to get her mail without stepping into the street, fell, and was lying in the street, not able to get up.


She said the letter carrier, Jeffrey Dunbar, had walked away but, saw her mother, and came running back.

Barton said, “He tried to help her up, (and) realized she could not (get up).  He picked her up in his arms, and he carried her inside her home, got her a telephone, made sure I was on my way.  And, I just think that he’s a hero.”

Chenoweth suffered a broken leg, but Barton said her mother will come home from the hospital when she can walk.


In the third incident, Postal Officials said Carrier Assistant Alecia McCall helped one of her customers when she noticed he was having trouble keeping his balance.

He was later found to be on the verge of diabetic coma.


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