Veteran burglary victim now on oxygen

A 75-year-old veteran is on oxygen after he was beaten and robbed in his home.

Robert Huber was beaten and robbed of his television and cable box Tuesday night, February 27 in his home. His daughter, Kim McLemore, said things were so bad in the beginning.

“That night, when my sister and I got here, you know, I was just so thankful dad was dad. He was hurt, but not to an extreme,” McLemore said.

Time heals many wounds, but not as quickly when you’re 75.

“And now, you know, he’s not doing quite as well and we’ve just got to get his strength back. You know, after you fall and get hit, you become a little more bruised and sore. You’re older, you know, you don’t pop back quite as quick, “ McLemore said. “And so you do a lot of praying, you know, that he’ll be fine.”

She said her father is now on oxygen 24/7. She and her sister care for him along with a home health nurse. She said it’s important that he’s able to live at home.

“He loves his home and we don’t want to take him out of that. He deserves it. So we work with that,” McLemore said.

To help maintain that lifestyle, McLemore and her family have done a number of things to make sure her father is safe, like install security.

Neighbors told Fox10 News that they didn’t see much, but their hearts go out to him.

“I mean, I feel sorry for the man. But I don’t know, as far as seeing anything, I never would’ve known until the police knocked on the door,” neighbor Glenn Bettner said.

His daughters did buy him a new TV, but they can’t buy back his health.

“I just want him to be back the way he was,” McLemore said, holding back tears.

Police are asking for the public’s help in solving this case. If you see anything suspicious, call Daphne Police.


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