New details in Chickasaw beating case made public

The three suspects accused in the brutal beating of an elderly man in Chickasaw appeared in court for a preliminary hearing Thursday, February 27, where new information was made public, including a shocking detail about one of the defendants.

District Attorney Ashley Rich broke down some of the investigation details in the case against Yasmine Munnerlyn, DeAngelo Smith, and Carlos Nottingham at their preliminary hearing Thursday. All are charged with the attempted murder and burglary of Caroll Jordan.

“We believe they all three planned this. They all three planned to incapacitate and put down, in their words, the victim; and we knew all three were inside of that house and all three participated in various ways. All three fled afterwards, rendezvous at a location point and then benefited from the profit of pawning Mr. Jordan’s wedding ring,” said Rich.

In testimony, it was revealed that Smith received $40 for the ring. Money that investigators said was spent on gas, spice, and pizza. There was also testimony about Jordan during the incident, of him asking the suspects not to beat him.

“We believe that the evidence will show that Mr. Jordan was alert and aware of what was happening to him,” said Rich.

A shocking revelation was also made, that Munnerlyn was pregnant, and that DeAngelo Smith was the father. The state’s testimony pointed towards Smith being the ring leader, his attorney replied with this:

“All three of these people are making statements, and this one says it’s this one and this one says it’s the other. When Mr. Smith made a statement he was highly intoxicated, under the influence of many narcotics,” said James Harrod.

Harrod said the DA has a lot of statements but not a lot of evidence. The state’s testimony had Smith and Nottingham beating Jordan, and then Munnerlyn stabbing him. The investigator who testified said he observed five stab wounds.

The case will now be heard by a grand jury. All three remain in jail without bond.

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