Kidnapping suspect bonds out, victim speaks

A woman who said she survived a violent kidnapping at the hands of her boyfriend isn’t happy that he’s already out on bond.

Samantha Greene said she was held by Anthony Weaver, 30, from Saturday night, February 22 until Monday night, February 24. It was more than a day longer than he spent in jail after being arrested.

“It’s not fair to me that my life has to stop. I can’t be with my kids. I can’t be with my family,” said Greene. “I can’t tell anyone where I am. But he gets a slap on the wrist and let out.”

You can still see the bruises on Greene’s face three days after she said she was held captive and beaten repeatedly by Weaver.

Greene said she was driving with Weaver, her boyfriend of four and a half months, around 10 p.m. in Satsuma when he accused her of cheating.

That’s when she said things turned violent.

“He kept driving me around, and I kept telling him to let me out. He went crazy and wouldn’t, and I tried to jump out of the car twice,” Greene said. “He kept thinking I was lying to him. He snatched my hair back and started hitting me.”

Over the next day and a half, Greene said she was driven around to different locations in Satsuma and Mount Vernon. She says he sometimes put a hood over her face.

She said Weaver threatened to hurt her more if she told anyone she was in danger.

“He’d make me call my mom or my stepmom from a blocked number and tell them I was ok. I kept trying to give them hints without him knowing,” said Greene. “I’d say I was coming to get my kids because I knew if I could get home I could get away.”

Tonya Whittington, Greene’s mother, said she just hope something’s done.

“She never leaves her kids so I knew my child was in danger. I know she’s in danger now,” Whittington said. “There was a manhunt. It was on FOX10. He turns himself in and in hours he’s out. I don’t understand that.”

FOX 10 learned the Mobile County District Attorney’s Office has not received the case. Officials said it usually takes about a week for that to happen.

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