Juveniles charged in GSHS disruption


Gulf Shores Police said they intend to charge 12 juvenile students with inciting to riot, a class A misdemeanor.

Friday, February 21, Baldwin County School spokesperson Terry Wilhite said 12 students were suspended from Gulf Shores High School for “planning a disturbance” at the school that was rumored to happen at the school’s volleyball game that day. That game was canceled.

Wilhite said a lot of parents are also concerned about a “hit list” that’s going around school with students names on it. He said the list is a rumor and spans from earlier in the week when three students were arrested on Wednesday for fighting.

All three juveniles were charged with disorderly conduct, a class C misdemeanor.

A person commits the crime of inciting to riot if he commands, solicits, incites or urges another person to engage in tumultuous and violent conduct.

All charges will be forwarded to the Juvenile Court of Baldwin County for prosecution.

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