Chess Champ Launches App for Kids

Blackberry’s gearing up to launch two new phones. The Z3 will sell in South East Asia for under $200. And the Q20 is the back to the future phone with the traditional keyboard and trackpad. Separately, Ford is reportedly dumping Microsoft for Blackberry, and putting its QNX technology in the new Ford sync system. That’s the info-tainment you see on the dashboard.

Rest easy, Netflix fans. The online video service is unlikely to jack up prices following its deal with Comcast to make streaming faster. One analyst says the deal may actually save Netflix money since it can now cut out the middleman and deliver to Comcast directly. Another says he expects Netflix to raise subscriptions by just a dollar or two a month starting next year.

And, the twenty-three year old world chess champion is also a tech whiz. Norwegian Magnus Carlsen is launching an app aimed at making chess more popular with kids. It’s called “Play Magnus.” The app let’s you play the champ himself. It’s loaded with games Carlsen played, and strategies he used starting at age five.

As you get better, you can select tougher games. Carlsen became a grand master when he was thirteen.

That’s your Daily Tech.


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