Mardi Gras racks up ticket money

It’s the calm before the Mardi Gras storm Wednesday night, February 26. It’s the only night in the next six days leading up to Fat Tuesday the streets won’t be filled with revelers and thousands of people in downtown Mobile.

So far, more than 395,000 people have turned out in downtown Mobile to let the good times roll.

Mobile Police have been patrolling the area, keeping you safe and issuing tickets to some who are having a little too much fun or parked in the wrong spot.

Sixty cars have been towed, 124 parking tickets issued and if you crossed a barricade to get a stuffed animal, cups or beads, you may be one of almost 80 people who ended up with a ticket. That one carries a hefty fine too, $238 for being out of line.

It’s paid off for the City of Mobile. The barricade tickets alone add up to $18,500.

While police are patrolling the streets, some businesses have hired extra staff and stocked up so they can keep up with the crowd.

“I’ve been getting here early in the morning doing all the preparation. I think we can do it I’ve got a really good staff,” said the kitchen manager of Loda Bier Garten.

Usually, the restaurant orders 20 pounds of hamburger meat. But this week?

“We’ve ordered 60-80 pounds of hamburger meat. I’m looking forward to everyone coming out to join us especially on Joe Cain Day,” the manager said.

Other businesses said they’re ready to roll with the crowd and expecting a good turn out for the season.

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