App Protects Against Phone Fraud

In hopes of competing with Apple’s iPhone, Samsung unveiled its new smart phone this week – the Galaxy S5.

It actually has a heart rate monitor inside, a bigger 5.1 inch screen that can adapt to changing environments, water proof casing, and finger print identification technology. Samsung is behind in the U.S., and the iPhone is the dominant player. That’s why they’re also selling other types of devices. We’ve got the Gear Smart Watch Two, and also the Gear Fit, which can allow you to track your steps and heart rate – and even get notifications for your text messages and phone calls. We don’t know the prices yet, but we do know they’ll be available starting in April.

After more than three years, Facebook’s email service will be shutting down.  Emails showed up as messages for Facebook users. But, it never took off. Facebook says it plans to focus more on mobile messaging. If you used your Facebook email, messages will be forwarded to your account’s primary email address.

And, a free caller id app called “WhitePages Current” has been updated to help protect callers against the “one-ring scam.” That’s when scammers let your phone ring once, hoping you’ll return the call and they charge you for every minute you’re on the line. 20,000 new scam numbers directly tied to the “one-ring” and similar scams were added. With the app, those numbers would show up as “possible fraud or scam.” The app also warns you if you’re about to make a call to a number with a high spam score.

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