Spanish Fort getting sirens?


It’s been a long wait for the City of Spanish Fort. In November 2013, FOX10 News told you about a plan to place weather warning sirens in Spanish Fort. That plan had been on hold the past couple of months while the city waited on state Emergency Management Agency approval.

Eight months ago, the city received a FEMA grant that paid three-quarters of a $160,000 price tag for the sirens. So they’ve had the funding in place, but until Wednesday, February 26, the city didn’t have the approval to move forward.


When FOX10 News pressed the Alabama EMA about the sirens, they told us the approval was made and would be forthcoming by the end of the week. It’s something Mayor Mike McMillan was glad to finally hear.

He told us, “We’ve been waiting for that approval for the better part of two months now and look forward to moving this project forward to get the tornado sirens in place.”


The Eastern Shore city will be the first municipality in Baldwin County to get sirens. Fire Chief Roger Few said it adds another layer of safety for folks in Spanish Fort.

“They’re going to give the residents and citizens another tool to get some advanced notice of some approaching weather,” Chief Few said.

The five sirens will straddle Highway 31. They’ll be placed near the Churchill subdivision, Rockwell Elementary, Spanish Fort High School, the new city complex and at Five Rivers on the Causeway.

Part of the wait on the sirens was getting the correct locations for the best coverage of the city.

“Anyway that we can alert our public to a potential hazard it’s a good thing for our city, a good thing for our citizens,” Mayor McMillan said.


The city originally hoped to have the sirens in place by this spring. The delay on the locations has pushed the time line back to late spring before they’re installed.

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