MCPSS investigates School Bus Driver


The Mobile County Public School System is investigating a complaint about a school bus driver.   One woman said she and her husband were forced off the road because the school bus was in their lane.

The incident happened Monday in northern Mobile County.  The woman Sherrell Robinson said at first she was afraid for her  own safety.  but after following the school bus she became more concerned about the children on the bus.

Robinson called 911 to report the driver, and since her husband was driving she was able to take pictures to show what they considered a very dangerous situation.

Robinson and her husband were on their way home to Georgetown when she says they were forced off Lott Road by the school bus.

“As we were going into the turn the bus was more than half way in our lane coming head-on into us,” Robinson said.

Robinson said her husband turned around so they could get the number off the bus, and she said that’s when she noticed a bigger problem.

“I realized that the bus was continually going across the line and that’s when I dialed 911,” she said.

Robinson also took several pictures as the driver continued to cross over the center line on the two-lane highway.

“She came, I’m not kidding you within a inch of the 18 wheeler when I finally dropped the phone, if you pulled the 911 tapes you’ll hear me screaming.  I was like a bad nightmare,” Robinson said.

It wasn’t until that that Robinson discovered it was  a special needs bus.

Fox Ten news reporter Renee Dials talked to a parent who said her  wheelchair bound son rides the bus.  He rode to school that morning, but Terri Moberg said she’s thankful he didn’t take the bus home after school.

Moberg called the transportation department about her concerns Monday.  She said she was told the bus driver was ill.

“And that she had called one of the children’s parents to come get them, because she was sick.   It’s not acceptable. If she was that sick she should have never been on the bus in the first place,” Moberg said.

“The immediate supervisor have shared some photos which me and so far what I’ve looked at I’m not pleased with,” Transportation Director Pat Mitchell said.

Mitchell said the school system is investigating the complaint.  He said there are 14 special needs students from two schools in Eight Mile assigned to the bus, but he said only one student was on the bus when the complaint was made.  He also said the Bus Aide who is a Certified bus driver was driving that day, not the regular bus driver.

“First we try to ascertain surveillance footage from the bus itself.   That’s one piece of the evidence that we will use.  We’ll call the driver in and we interview  the driver as well, as well as if any law enforcement personnel was involved we interview them as well,” Mitchell said.


Prichard Police did pull the bus over Monday, but no action was taken against the driver.   Mitchell said the incident was not reported to transportation  until Tuesday.

Mitchell said the investigation will take a couple of days.  The aide who was driving Monday will not be allowed to drive a bus during the investigation.  However, Mitchell said she can continue to work as an aide on the bus.


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