EPD: One armed thief targets elderly


Elbert Police Chief Stan DeVane said a woman accused of a theft spree targeting the elderly was identified February 25, yet she isn’t facing charges.

In Elberta, it isn’t often that residents get random visitors but the folks along Stucki Road have been getting the same visitor for the last few weeks.

Authorities said they’ve received numerous reports of the bandit claiming to be homeless and asking to use the phone or bathroom before stealing prescription pills.

“No charges have been filed because the victims didn’t want to do that. They felt sorry for the individual and they notified us that she was going door to door. But they didn’t want a report made,” said DeVane.

Authorities said the suspect would walk down the street and then approach homes, claiming to need help or to use the phone.

When she left, they said she took prescription drugs and occasionally money.

DeVane said investigators made contact with her and tried to offer her help.

“She refused any assistance and said she was fine. But we did put her on notice that if she continued this behavior, the police department of Elberta will take action against her if any is available,” DeVane said.

Police said the woman is believed to be in her early 20s and goes by the name Brittany.

FOX10 spoke to several people who encountered the suspect. They declined to comment on camera but one man says he fed her and even did her laundry. He says he didn’t felt threatened by her but she did steal muscle relaxers as well as several dollars in quarters from him.

Other residents said the incidents have alarmed them.

“I received phone calls this morning from other people saying she told them she was destitute and needed money or help,” said DeVane, “But she isn’t going to the normal places to get help. So if you have someone come to your door that needs help, call the police and let us come find out if it’s a fraud or if they really do need help.”

Authorities urge to never let a stranger in your home and to call 911 if you notice any suspicious behavior.

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