Cell phones: sell or repair?

How many times have you dropped your cell phone only to pick it up and see the screen is cracked? Perhaps it got wet in the rain or you jumped into a pool with it still in your pocket.

Mark Bodiford with Broken iPhone says there are a number of ways people have damaged their phone.

“I have a small list here: pool, toilet, coffee, washing machine, saltwater, bathtub, rain, sweat, dog drool, dishwasher, wine, car soap, liquid air freshener, baby drool, beer, sweet tea, corn syrup, soup we had a porta potty,” Bodiford said.

Regardless of how your phone was damaged, you now have a decision to make. Do you repair it or replace it? Which one is the better deal?

Bodiford says it’s usually better to go for a repair unless your two year contract is up. Local business in Mobile and Baldwin County like Broken iPhone and Mings Wireless offer a number of services that can help you get your phone back in working order.

If you want to ditch the old phone and get a new one, Bodiford says selling your phone to an individual is the best way to maximize your return.

“There are a number of websites out there that take used gadgets. Of course the carriers do it as well AT&T, C-Spire, they’ll trade-in stuff on the more known people that do it is gazelle, Gazelle.com,” Bodiford said.

Websites where you may strike a good deal are Swappa.com, BuyBackWorld.com or BuyMyTronics.com, and NextWorth.com.

Other websites include: Gizmogul.com, Glyde.com, and NewtonsHead.com

If you choose to sell to an individual, you can use Craigslist and e-Bay where you’ll usually get the most money.



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