Samsung’s Next Big Thing

Samsung is going after your heart with its latest gadget.  It’s all in hopes of competing with Apple’s iPhone.

The S5 smartphone was unveiled during the Mobile World Congress wireless show in Barcelona, Spain.  The newer model isn’t all that different from last year’s Galaxy S4.  But there are some noticeable differences.

The S5 feature a bigger screen, a 16 megapixel camera, and boasts better battery life than its predecessor.  But what’s really interesting is that it actually has a heart rate monitor inside!  It’s not really meant for continuous tracking; rather something to keep track of your fitness levels before and after exercise.

The phone is also water resistant.

“Our consumers do not want eye-popping technology or the most complex technology,” said J.K. Shin, Samsung’s head of information technology and the mobile communications division. “Our consumers want durable design and performance. Our consumers want a simple, yet powerful camera.”

Much like the iPhone, the S5 has finger print identification in the home button.  Samsung is behind in the U.S. in terms of being the dominant player when it comes to smartphones.  So the company is also selling other types of devices, including this Gear Smart Watch two and the Gear Fit.  The devices allow you to track your steps and heart rate.  It also sends you notifications for your text messages and phone calls.

The new phone will go on sale worldwide on April 11. The company didn’t announce a price; its predecessor sold for about $600 without phone subsidies or a contract.

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