MPD impounds illegally parked cars at Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is all about having a good time, but rules still apply. The Mobile Police Department is ensuring the laws are followed at each and every parade. 

The Mobile Police Department means business when it comes to enforcing laws during Mardi Gras. From traffic citations to arrests, multiple calls go out a night.

One of the biggest issues that happens every night during Mardi Gras in Downtown Mobile: illegal parking. The MPD posts signs to alert drivers about possible towing, but sometimes, they go without being noticed.

“We normally tow anywhere from about 5 to 15 cars a night to get them out of harm’s way and out of the parade route for these customers to where they can enjoy the parade without cars being in the way,” said Marvin Smith of Semmes Towing.

“We’re looking for vehicles parked in the run way of the floats going by. If they’re there, we tow them off,” said James Dolch of Pitts and Sons.

It is up to the MPD to identify which cars will be towed. With the help of city and contracted tow trucks, the job gets done in no time at all.

“We have a temporary impound lot near Conception and Monroe Street near the old Rousso’s restaurant where we will take these cars. If you get there before 10 you can retrieve your car with identification for $125. After about 10, we take those cars to our permanent impound lot at 1251 Virginia Street. There, you’re going to have to show a proof of insurance, show your driver’s license, pay the $125 fine plus a storage fee,” said Ashley Rains with the Mobile Police Department.

Pitts and Sons Towing Company allowed FOX10 News to go along for a towing excursion Monday night.

“We’re going on the route the parade is on. If there are any cars in the route, we tow ‘em. We take them over to the impound,” said Dolch.

Monday night, six vehicles were towed and seven parking tickets were issued.

Another citation being issued to parade-goers: tickets for crossing a barricade. That ticket will cost you a whopping $238.

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