Matt’s Weekend Forecast

Weather Summary

The second half of the weekend will be a soaker! A warm front will move north overnight Saturday into Sunday morning. This will mean plenty of rain, heavy at times for Sunday morning. Severe weather is unlikely, but there is risks of small hail in the stronger storms and definitely expect plenty of lightning with some of the storms.

If there is good news here it’s that rain chances go down later in the day (but they don’t go away!).  No guarantees, but hopefully as Neptune’s Daughters roll in the evening we’ll get that parade in with no issues.

Warm & Unsettled

Conditions will be warm and unsettled for the beginning of the work week. We have parades rolling both Monday night and Tuesday night and we will have rain chances on those days. Once again, the good news here is that the chances are just for scattered rain showers by the time the parades are rolling.

Colder & Still Unsettled

A cold front moves through Wednesday morning turning conditions colder. Compared to some of the earlier systems we’ve had this year this one doesn’t pack much of a cold punch, but it will be noticeably cooler for the second half of the week.

After a break in the rain most of Wednesday and Thursday another disturbance cranks up rain chances for Friday and the following weekend. This is of course as we are moving in the heart of the Mardi Gras parade season. Right now the chances call for scattered storms, but we’ll definitely refine the forecast as we move closer to the weekend.

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