Domestic violence suspect arrested twice in one week

A Mobile man is back behind bars Saturday, February 22 after he was arrested twice in the same week.

Trent Sokley, 33, was arrested by Mobile County Sheriff’s Deputies on Saturday afternoon, less than two days after he bonded out of jail on domestic violence charges. He was accused of beating and choking his girlfriend.

FOX10 News asked why he was released and why he was arrested again. After reaching out to sheriff’s deputies, FOX10 News did not obtain any concrete answers as of Saturday night. However, FOX10 News caught up with other people involved with the case to find out why Stokley went back to jail.

Recently, FOX10 News heard from Stokley’s victim, his girlfriend. On Saturday, FOX10 News went to a residence where Stokley was earlier in the day off Dauphin Island Parkway. Property owner Larry McKeever said both Stokley and his girlfriend had items inside the house he was renting out.

“He was here to get his stuff. His truck was behind the house and you couldn’t see it. He wants his truck and all of his stuff that’s in the house which most it belongs to her,” said McKeever.

That is where FOX10 News found Stokley’s stepdad, who did not release his name.

“[Larry] told you enough lies. He’s told you enough. Why do I need to tell you?” said Stokley’s stepdad.

He told our cameras he was there to get Stokley’s personal items.

“You’re damn right I am. My son’s getting took to jail because of his lies. She comes in here and she wants to so call say that he beat her? He ain’t put his damn hands on her,” he said.

He went on to call the victim names like a ‘con artist’ claiming she had done this before in other states. When asked about the arrest made Saturday, Stokley’s stepdad repeatedly declined comment.

FOX10 News reached out to the Mobile County Sherriff’s Office for comment. Officials told FOX10 News they are still sorting out the latest details of the investigation.

FOX10 News will stay on top of this story and bring you answers as soon as we get them.

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