Bay Minette hosts sixth annual “Chilly Run”

For the hundreds of people who attended Saturday’s Chilly Run in Bay Minette it was happiness times two.  For example, people could savor the many types of homemade chili being served after they burned off extra calories in the 5K run/race walk and the one mile fun run later in the day.

Saturday was the sixth annual Chilly Run sponsored by the Rotary Club and the Heritage Junior Women’s Club in Bay Minette.  The event was held at the Community Kids Park.

The fun run and chili cook-off was being held to raise money for a teacher grant program sponsored by the Junior Women’s Club.  The grants could be for a variety of things, from classroom supplies to field trips.

Runners and their families were able to taste the various chili dishes that competed for first prize.  The recipes were diverse, from hot and spicy to mild and flavorful.  Chili teams were made up of organizations, clubs, businesses or just friends who wanted to show off their culinary expertise.

Fox10News would like to thank Tina Covington, Community Relations Coordinator for the city of Bay Minette,  for the photos and video of Saturday’s benefit.



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