Youth fast for 30 hours to promote world hunger awareness

The youth at Loxley Church of God will be doing something very special for two days, starting Friday, February 21.  To promote awareness of worldwide hunger, dozens of boys and girls are going without food for 30 hours.

By noon Friday, several boys and girls from the youth ministry at Loxley Church of God were getting their homes ready.  The cardboard boxes are where they’ll spend the night and the day on Saturday.  They also won’t eat for 30 hours, all in an effort to spread awareness for worldwide hunger.  Youth Minister, Aaron Murphy says thousands of children die of hunger and malnutrition worldwide each day.

“Right now as we’re doing this interview a child has already died over hunger alone and that’s what we’re trying to significantly reduce to make sure these children are taken care of,” Murphy pointed out.

This is the second year the church has sponsored the 30 hour famine ( event.  This year they’ll have double the participation.  Many of the kids did the fast last year, but some like Wesley Ryan were too young to participate.  He hopes to make a difference.

“I hope that they see the cardboard boxes, stop by and ask questions, then kind of get interested and maybe want to donate some money,” Ryan said of drivers on Highway 59.

Participants also went door to door to spread the word of children in need and ask for donations for food.  Thirty five dollar is what it takes to provide food and education to a child for an entire month.  Shelby Murphy was surprised at some of the responses she got.

“Actually, it really frightened me because a lot of these people didn’t really care, shut the doors in our face and barely…some people understood,” said the youth minister’s daughter.

The campaign is all about bringing awareness to the issue. The kids posted signs up and down Highway 59 so that passersby will get the message.  Regardless of how many folks take notice of their makeshift camp and posters, all the kids participating will leave with a better understanding of what thousands of kids their age go through every day.

“It definitely changed our view on how we say we’re starving, but we’re really not and you know, kids overseas and even in the US…they really are starving,” said teenager, Carson Campbell.  “People just don’t take it to heart…what they’re really saying.”

The 30 hour famine is going on all around the world this weekend through other ministries with over a thousand kids involved.  The fast began at 1:00 p.m. Friday and will run through 7:00 p.m. Saturday night.

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