Turning Emails Into Books

Social media giant, Facebook is set to buy the fast-growing, mobile messaging startup “Whatsapp.”

The landmark deal is reportedly for nineteen billion dollars in cash and stocks. The move aims to bring the world’s largest social network closer to the hearts of mobile communications, as well as bring additional young users into the fold. “Whatsapp” currently has more than four hundred and fifty million users.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says “Whatsapp” will continue to operate independently, and promised to continue its policy of no advertising.

Sony’s Playstation 4 has sold more than five million consoles since its release in November beating the company’s prediction. And, it beat out Microsoft’s X-Box One in sales last month. Nintendo’s Wii U, which also competes with the two consoles, has sold nearly two-and-a-half million units in nine months.

And, a new startup company called Memeoirs says it wants to give your conversations the attention it deserves by printing them up. The company just got a $300,000 investment to turn your Facebook converstaions into bound books. The company has already had success in turning emails pulled from Gmail and Hotmail into books. No design skills are required. A paperback book of your conversations will cost you $40 bucks, while a hardcover will cost $60.

Go to www.memeoirs.com to check it out.

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