Stores ready for severe weather sales tax holiday

Early Friday morning, many woke up to thunder and lightning.


You could say the storm ushered in Alabama’s “Weather Preparation Sales Tax Holiday.”

This the third year for this event.


This weekend, you don’t have to pay the state’s four percent sales tax on equipment needed for storm and hurricane protection that are $60 dollars or less.

Sean Wootan with Lowe’s Home Improvement, said that includes “batteries, flashlights, tarps, just in case you have leaks on your roofs.  Be prepared for that.  (Also included is) stuff to strap things down:  rope, bungee cord.”

In addition, generators and power cords under $1000 are on the list.

Managers at Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores said not all generators do the same work, or cost the same price.

Wootan said, “If you want to run a/c’s (air conditioners) and your refrigerators to keep your food cold, the more you want to run, the more its going to be.”


Some items you think might be on the tax exempt list are not.

Wootan said, “We’ve got some drills. If you’re putting up plywood on your windows, you want to make sure you have plenty of drills, which is not included (on the list,)  but, it’s all about being prepared.”

Chainsaws aren’t tax exempt, either.


I asked some shoppers whether they were specifically looking for items that were free of the state sales tax.

Linda McCoy of Satsuma said, “I think it’s a good idea.  It’s a great thing, but, I don’t need it today. I already have got a lot of stuff.”

Janet Roberts of Hurley, Mississippi said she wasn’t looking for weather preparedness items. “I’m here looking for stuff to paint a house.”

If you need weather preparedness items, this may be a good weekend to buy them.

Mobile and Baldwin counties, along with several local municipalities, have also waived their local sales tax.

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