Smart Dog Collar

Calling all pet owners…there’s a tool to help you track how much exercise, play, and rest your dog gets on a daily basis.  Just think of it as a canine exercise mate.

The Whistle Activity Monitor works a lot like the ones for humans.  It’s a small device, with wireless sensors that connects to your dogs’ collar to measure their activity.  The idea is to keep an eye on your dog when you’re not home, but also to improve and monitor the health of your four-legged friend.

“Whistle started from our love of dogs. We’re introducing a window into their lives, creating a way for owners and vets to take a preventative approach to our pets’ health,” said Ben Jacobs, CEO and Co-Founder of Whistle. “To provide the best care requires information on day-to-day needs and long-term trends, which until now, have never been available.

The device works with an app that collects data about your pup throughout the day.  It then syncs the information with your smartphone.  You can upload the information to your vet directly providing a full picture of your pet’s health before you even set foot in the door.

“Across everything we build, our focus is providing a layer of sophisticated analytics to make sense of crucial data,” said Steven Eidelman, Head of Product and Co-Founder of Whistle. “Integrating that intelligence with a simple, fun user experience enriches the pet-owner relationship and offers a new form of communication for owners and vets.”

Whistle provides recommendations to optimize the health of dogs based on breed, age and weight, alerting pet owners to key developments or changes in behavior, so they can share information with their vets.

When you register your dog you are asked to set a daily activity goal.  There’s also a social aspect that allows you to connect with other dog owners.  Users can trade pictures/comments about their pets and even export the information to Facebook.

Pet owners can order Whistle devices for $129.95 at

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