Satsuma house destroyed in overnight fire

A home in Satsuma was destroyed by fire and last night’s bad weather was to blame.

Many of us were awakened by the sound of thunder and lightning.

Charles Little and his wife were too, but they had to deal with a lot more than weather. Thankfully the two made it out of their burning home, together.

Smoke could still be seen from the Little’s home in Satsuma Friday, February 21. A different picture from Thursday night, when firefighters pulled up to flames.

A home engulfed that would end up being a total loss.

Firefighters said lightning struck around 2 .am., and to make matters worse the Little’s power was out, so they had no phone.

“Mr. and Mrs. Little smelled smoke. Mrs. Little got up, tried to get Mr. Little up . She couldn’t get him, she went down the street to her son Dale’s home got him and got up there and got Mr. Little out,” said family friend Scott Newton.

Newton said it was a long night, but the two, who just celebrated 50 years of marriage, are ok.

“They got him out just in the nick of time, before the roof fell in. Thank God they did get him out,” said Newton.

Satsuma Fire Chief Clyde Miller said the two are very fortunate.

“The house was probably hard pine and it went up real fast and it was a hot fire and hard to put out,” said Miller.

Both Mr. Little and his wife are safe and resting at a family members home.

Charles Little is the former mayor of Satsuma and served the city for years. He also served as a city council


satsuma Satsuma house destroyed in overnight fire

The cause of the fire remains under investigation. Officials said they believe it may have been sparked by lightning.

FOX10 News reporter Chasity Byrd is speaking with officials and will have more details on FOX10 News at 5 p.m.

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