Tour Fort Mims in Baldwin County

Welcome to Fort Mims, a unique historical site located in Tensaw, Alabama. This is northern Baldwin County, 12 miles up Hwy 59 from Stockton. It is the location of the Fort Mims Massacre that occurred in late August 1813.

The Creek Indians were in a civil war. The Indian nation was divided between those who were joining the settlers in the European-American way of life, and the Red Sticks who continued in traditional Indian culture. News of unrest had many settlers on edge, and they began to gather at Fort Mims seeking protection of the soldiers stationed there.

There were about 100 Mississippi territorial volunteers under the command of Major Beasley. On August 30th 1813, he wrote that they were becoming more and more secure. But, they were attacked at 12 noon on Aug 30th.

Hundreds of settlers, lower Creeks, and militia were slaughtered by the “red sticks” led by William Weatherford and Peter McQueen. The original fort was also destroyed.

Claudia Campbell and her family rediscovered this battle site over 50 years ago.

“In the 1950’s my daddy had a tractor and a potato field out here, it’s all woods now. We ran behind the tractor and found a whole lot of things other than potatoes. There were pieces of pottery, arrow heads.”

Campbell’s mother petitioned the U.S. Department of Parks and Recreation to investigate, and her father Carl Slaughter helped discover the charred remains of the original fort. The Alabama Historical Commission has since recreated parts or the Fort, along with headstones and historical markers.
A reenactment in August of last year was staged on the 200th Anniversary of the event.

Another unique gathering is set at the site for March 15th & 16th, in just a few weeks. This “living history” event will highlight General Andrew Jackson’s visit to the region, along with Davey Crockett. The University of South Alabama will also participate in an archaeological dig, along with other historical reenactments. The event is from 9am-3pmand admission is free.


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