Streets packed for Polka Dots parade

Thousands made their way downtown Thursday night to see the Order of Polka Dots parade.

“Bookworm” was the theme of the night as 15 floats rolled down the packed streets. All of the big fictional stars were there from Jay Gatsby to Katniss Everdeen to Harry Potter. Even cookbooks got some love as a Betty Crocker float made an appearance as well.

And whether it rained Thursday night or not, Phyillis Lawson was going to be there, right at the same spot she was at for the Conde Cavaliers.

“Well it goes back to childhood. We’ve been doing it for years and years. It just, it’s fun. That’s it. It’s just fun,” Lawson said.

She made sure to bring a pillow case to collect her goodies tonight. She seems to be more than able to rake in the beads.

“Yeah, Valentine’s Day I was loaded down, so this time I’m prepared,” Lawson said.

And while many like her were there to catch all they could, others showed up for moral support.

“My wife’s in the Order of Polka Dots, so I’m here supporting her and supporting my community,” John McClure said. “And I’ve kind of seen the floats ahead of time, so I’m excited about them.”

Mobile police said there were just a handful of incidents during the parade. One person was arrested for possession of spice  and another for disorderly conduct.

About 25,012 people made it to the event.

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