Mardi Gras alive in RV City

We all know thousands of people come to Mardi Gras each year for the parades, moonpies, and beads. But some take it to another level and live amongst the Mardi Gras madness during the season.

It’s called RV City.

FOX10 News took a look inside RV City on Thursday during the early afternoon. Our cameras caught a glimpse of what looked like a ghost town. Everyone was either at work, shopping, or eating.

FOX10 cameras did see one thing that was a constant find everywhere you look: Mardi Gras spirit including RV trailers decked out in yellow, purple, and green, wreaths on doors, and more.

While looking around, FOX10 News did find Jeff Lambeth of Daphne. He was getting ready for the Order of Polka Dots parade.

“I’ve been here for a couple of weeks actually,” said Lambeth. “Primarily on the weekends but right now everything is cranking up…big weekend this weekend but we’re here for now. RV City is very convenient for people that love Mardi Gras, people that love to camp, this is perfect. We like to come down here because we are close to the parade routes. We have all the conveniences of home under the bridge. We like that. Real convenient, got our golf carts and things to get around with. So this is a lot of fun.”

Jeff said this year’s RV City is sold out with no more room to accommodate any more RVs.

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