Juvenile arrested for school threats on Yik Yak

The Yik Yak app is creating a lot of chit chat amongst Mobile County. The district attorney’s office arrested a juvenile who’s accused of making threats about a school shooting on the social media app.

Students and parents from McGill-Toolen High School were on alert Wednesday, February 19 after the rumor targeted the high school.

The app is supposed to serve as an anonymous message board but it’s location specific and that allowed investigators to get an exact address and cell phone information.

“As soon as we became aware of the post, we went into action. We contacted the marketing director for the app and we began downloading and getting information sent to us about where these posts are coming from,” said Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich.

She said “students and people that use this app need to understand we know exactly where they are when they make that post.”

Rich said a total of three threats were made involving McGill-Toolen High School, Saint Paul’s, Murphy High School and UMS-Wright Prepratory School.

Some parents took their kids out of school Wednesday. Others joined hands to pray for their children’s safety.

“Not fun it’s hurtful. It’s getting out of hand.  I have the app on my phone. I was shocked at what people will say when they think people don’t know who they are,” said Elizabeth Doggett.

“I’ve heard of people that wanted to commit suicide over it. It’s crazy it’s insane,” Hannah Willis said whose name appeared on one of the posts. She said it’s dangerous and she wants the app deleted.

Rich said “Any victim that’s willing to come forward and file charges against the person and be willing to be a named complainant, we would entertain them coming forward and locate the person who made the post.”

The student who started the rumor about the school shooting is charged with terrorist threats and could face up to three years at Strickland Youth Center.


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