Beating suspects continue to be held under no bond

All three suspects accused of the brutal beating and killing of an elderly man in Chickasaw appeared before a judge Thursday, February 20 just a day after their charges were downgraded from capital murder.

Judge George Hardesty ordered that DeAngelo Smith, Yasmine Munnerlyn and Carlos Nottingham stay behind bars. They are charged with attempted murder in the death of 86-year-old Carroll Jordan.

“The prelim is only a week away, and that’s where Judge Hardesty will look at the bond again. It’s custom to make some changes in the bond at the prelim hearing date,” said defense attorney Steve Orso.

Orso represents Yasmine Munnerlyn.

“She’s innocent. It might take a jury some time down the road to prove that, but she’s innocent of those charges,” said Orso.

District Attorney Ashley Rich said that’s completely false.

“All three of them actively participated in the crime,” Rich said.

The three are accused of going into Jordan’s home, beating and stabbing him. Investigators said they stole Jordan’s TV and wedding ring, then were interrupted in the act by a neighbor. Jordan died two weeks after the incident.

Rich said although the death penalty is off the table for these suspects, she is still going for the maximum sentence.

“These defendants still face punishment of 20-years, minimum of 20-years, maximum of 99-years or life in each case. So we’re going to go to trial in this case. We’re going to ask the judge if the jury returns a verdict of guilty against them, we’re going to ask the judge for two consecutive life sentences. Other than taking the death penalty off the table these defendants are still facing life in the penitentiary,” said Rich.

The next court appearance for the suspects will be a preliminary hearing where most likely their cases will be sent to the grand jury.

All three are charged with attempted murder and burglary.

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