Pandora’s Political Targeting

Pandora Radio hopes the songs you pick will reveal your political preferences.

The Wall Street Journal reports that starting next week, Pandora Radio will launch a new advertising service based on a user’s perceived political leanings. According to the Journal, the company will match election results to users’ musical picks by zip code. Then it will label a listener as a likely democrat or republican.  From there, it will be easier for political organizations to target you specifically. The Journal says users can’t opt out of politically targeted ads if they are enjoying the free service but you can purchase the ad-free service for $3.99 a month. Pandora tells the Journal their predictions are 75 to 80-percent accurate.

Google just bought Israeli start up Slick Login and the slick move could make passwords obsolete and your accounts more secure. Slick Login created a security verification process in which computers emit a high frequency sound undetectable by the human ear but your smart phone can hear it.

And Samsung has a new smart phone coming soon. According to Bloomberg, the Galaxy S5 will have a sharper, larger 5.2 inch display. It’s also rumored to have a better battery and camera and possibly eye and fingerprint scanning technology. Official announcements from Samsung are expected on February 24th.

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