Officials review site plans for Hangout Fest

Officials with the city of Gulf Shores are now reviewing the newest site plan for the Hangout Music Festival 2014.

The plan, which includes the normal six stages on the public beaches, was presented by officials with the Hangout Festival to the city on Monday, February 17.

However, a number of changes have been made – including the shifting of the Boom Boom Tent stage and moving the BMI Stage.

Sean O’Connell with the Hangout Music Festival said it was done to improve safety and reduce congestion for festival goers.

“The perimeter of the site is not changing at all. We’re changing the orientation of the Boom Boom Tent from south to a little more southwest. Then we moved the BMI stage to the general access area so everyone could enjoy it,” said O’Connell.

Grant Brown, with the city of Gulf Shores, says city council members are now looking over the proposal and determining whether it meets the city’s standards. He said so far, officials are happy with what they’ve seen and believe it could help relieve some problems they’ve run into in the past.

“It helps our public safety guys be able to get to people in case someone gets overheated. It’s often what we deal with the most when it’s hot and people don’t drink enough water,” Brown said.

Brown said they’re also trying to determine what steps need to be taken by the city to match any new features requested by the festival.

“Anytime there’s a modification, it could affect how we react to what their change is. If they were to add a pool, we need to know if we need to provide lifeguards. Those are the details we’re working out. They haven’t presented a final site map yet but we feel good so far,” said Brown.

The newest plan comes not too long after a city-funded Auburn University study found that the festival had a $32.1 million direct impact on the local economy as well as provided 600 million media hits.

The fifth annual Hangout Music Festival will take place May 16-18 on the beach with a kickoff party on Thursday, May 15.

Artists like The Killers, OutKast, The Black Keys, Queens of the Stone Age, Pretty Lights and Jack Johnson will be headlining with more than 60 additional bands scheduled to perform.

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