Barber: Action quicker than reaction

When it comes to officer-involved shootings, training is of utmost importance. On Wednesday, February 19, FOX10 News got a first-hand look at just a portion of what officers go through when it comes to a life and death situation.

The two most recent police-involved shootings in Mobile have alerted the public that these scenarios are real and dangerous. Officers go through nearly a year of training before answering their first call.

Rigorous training, including simulated videos is part of the extensive training Chief James Barber said these men and women go through.

“Action is quicker than reaction, so if you went, so if you wait until the suspect uses deadly force, the officer was not likely to survive an incident. Whenever an officer, reasonable officer, based on his experience, reasonably believes that a suspect just about to use deadly force on them the way, they need not wait till use the deadly force but they may respond with deadly force at that time,” said Chief Barber.

You can experience the scenarios yourself during the Mobile Police Department’s Citizens’ Academy. It starts in March. For more information, click here:

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