Top Tech toys at Toy Fair

Companies from around the world have converged on the Big Apple to showcase the hot new toys coming out later this year.

More than a thousand toy makers are showing off their latest innovations at the 111TH American International Toy Fair in New York City.

Spectators can find enough toys to fill 7 football fields inside the Jacob Javits Convention Center.  The toys are for all ages and in all shapes and sizes too.  Toys that interact with your smart phone or tablet are among the big trends this year.

WikiBear is a plush teddy bear that can converse with kids through blue tooth enabled communication.  You can ask WikiBear what the weather will be like, or get him to tell you a joke.

“It learns about you. It learns your likes and dislikes. If you were sick yesterday and you told it will ask you if you are feeling better the next day,” explained Alec Kessler, Executive Vice President of Commonwealth Toy & Novelty.

No word on the pricing.  But the toy is expected to be available September 2014.

While many toys claim to help you with your baby or toddler as they grow, it seems the Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair tries to deliver.  It senses when a baby grows into a toddler and adjusts educational and play levels to match, like songs, phrases, letters and shapes.


ChineseCUBES were also demoed.  It’s a fun and simple way to learn Chinese, by using augmented reality and webcams.  The Cubebooks for iPads allow for more mobile language learning while still including a tactile element.

The toy fair is from February 16 – 19, 2014.  It also featured wireless sword-wielding robots and kid smart watches.


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