Public invited to oil storage tank meeting


There’s a meeting in Mobile Tuesday night that could play an important role in determining where future oil storage facilities could be built in the city.

A special committee is holding a public hearing to get feedback on possible locations for terminals in the future.


You can find oil storage terminals that already exist at companies in specially zoned areas, like along the Cochrane Expressway.

But, the Mobile Citizens Industrial Zoning Advisory Committee is looking into whether restrictions should be put on new oil and petroleum tanks in those areas.

At Tuesday night’s meeting, the public will first be able to look at maps.

Ramona Hill, the Committee Facilitator, said, “The public will see the map of the affected areas:   the current zoning, and other pieces of information about those areas affected.  It’s an industrial zone that is being considered, so, that’s the area:  not the entire county, not the entire city.”

Then, people will be able to give feedback.


The committee has already been meeting this month, and is made up of people appointed by the Mayor, the City Council, and representatives of other groups.

The committee is charged with making a recommendation to the City Council about future action.

City Council members, like Levon Manzie, are especially interested in getting a big turnout for the meeting.

Manzie said, “Its important to the people in District Two because all of these storage tanks are located within our district.  The impact, the possible impact, would impact the citizens of District Two the most.”


Late last year, American Tank and Vessel withdrew a proposal to build a facility along Paper Mill Road near the Plateau and Africatown communities after concerns about what types of petroleum would be stored near there.

One person with friends in the Africa-town area spoke at the committee’s meeting last week to tell members what people in those areas were worried about.

Nashid Rusdhan said, “Their concern is the health factor, over a long period of time, and what impact, just from the breathing of the emission and everything that’s going out there, how would that would affect them.”


After the public meeting, the committee meets again Wednesday morning to talk about what they heard.

The meeting is at the International Trade Center at 250 North Water Street from 5 pm to 7 pm.

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