Nike’s Self-Tying Shoes

It’s something straight out of the movies. Nike is planning to make self-tying shoes similar to the ones seen in the film “Back to the Future Two.” You may remember, Michael J. Fox’s “Back to the Future” character, Marty Mcfly, wore self-tying Nike Mags in the movie during the year 2015. Nike’s real-life self-tying shoes are also scheduled to come out in 2015.  Back in 2011, Nike released limited edition Mags on Ebay, but the shoes didn’t have the laceup technology. It’s unclear if Nike plans to keep the Mags name for the new sneakers.

The Netflix series, House of Cards is racking up viewers. One cable operator reported that 16 percent of its Netflix subscribers streamed at least one episode of the new season in a 7 to 10 hour period on Valentine’s Day. Last year just two percent of subscribers streamed at least one episode of the show during its entire premiere weekend.

And, owning a car, a computer and a TV could negatively impact your health. An article published by the Canadian Medical Association Journal reported people who owned all three items tended to sit more, and move less. Researchers took data from more than 150-thousand people in various countries.  Of those, people who owned a car, a computer and a TV had a 31 percent decrease in physical activity.  21 percent also had an increase in waist size of almost 4 inches.

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