Suspect charged in 21 midtown burglaries

An alleged midtown Mobile burglar has been arrested with the help of an anonymous tip.

Matthew Blackmon, 25, was arrested on Monday after police received a tip that Blackmon matched a criminal profile in a midtown neighborhood. That call led police to finding Blackmon and searching him. What police found was jewelry…and a lot of it…around $45,000 worth.

“This is exactly the kind of activity that we want to identify and stop. This is exactly the kind of individual we want to see removed from the community,” said Mobile Police Chief James Barber.

Chief Barber is proud of his men and women taking alleged burglars off the street like Blackmon. Blackmon was arrested and charged with 21 counts of burglary.

Some midtown residents agree with the Chief’s stance on crime.

“I see a lot of police presence. And I don’t hate it,” said Lauren Pritchett.

“We do see a decent presence,” said Travis Everette.

Some residents in midtown said police have a good, open relationship with them.

“The chief of the precinct here is open about communication via email or phone calls. If we see any suspicious activity, he encourages us that we give the nonemergency number to call so they can send somebody through here,” said Everette.

With burglaries in midtown over the past few months, residents say they would not mind if a police officer asked them what they were doing at their residence. The people with whom FOX10 News spoke with say they are happy with proactive police officers.

“I have I have no problems with that at all. If somebody called the cops on me because they saw me trying to get him on my own windows because I locked myself out or something like that, I wouldn’t have a problem talking to the police. Them confronting me asking me questions, that doesn’t bother me at all. I think it’s actually a great thing. It’s very secure. There just doing a job,” said Shaun McGallagher.

But officers cannot always do their job efficiently if residents do not step in and help. That was how Blackmon was arrested.

“I do think we have to help. We have to take control of our neighborhood and say what’s going on. If someone looks suspicious or looks out of place I don’t think it’s out of line to have the police come by and check on it,” said Everette.

Blackmon remained in Metro Jail Tuesday night. Along with the jewelry found were some electronics and cash. Many of these items have since been returned to their rightful owners.

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