Legal steps for a personal injury case

David Greene, from Greene and Phillips Law Firm, joined us on Studio10 to walk us through a typical personal injury case.  He gives you a behind the scenes look into how a personal injury case is handled.

Here’s a look at some of the questions and answers discussed on Studio10.

If someone comes in to your office suffering whiplash and pain associated with an auto accident, what can they expect?

We take customer service seriously, so we’ll offer you a drink, get some basic information from you, then let you meet with an attorney to talk about the case, answer your questions, and let you know what your options are.

Once someone hires you is there a fee?

We don’t charge anything up front.  The way we get paid is by getting money for our clients.

After your initial meeting the client what happens next?

We start the investigation of your case, we’ll look at the facts and gather evidence to support your claim, we’ll get your accident report, we find out information about your insurance and the other driver’s insurance. We enter all that into our case management system and assign the client to a case manager and a lawyer, they will be that person’s primary contact for the duration of the case.

If our client hasn’t already gone to see a doctor, we make sure they see a doctor or chiropractor to examine their injuries and start treatment.

We will then check up on the client from time to time to see how their recovery process is going.

What happens after a client completes their medical treatment?

Once a client has completed their medical treatment, we ask them to let us know as soon as possible. We can then start ordering medical records and bills. It’s at this stage that we create create a demand for the insurance company.

Once the insurance company has the demand, is that when the negotiation starts?

That’s when your attorney starts negotiating the case. We know the value of the case, and we won’t let the insurance company offer our client less than their due.

Once the negotiation is finished does it take long to get a final check?

When the case settles, we’ll need to finalize subrogation that’s where we are able to negotiate your bills related to the accident. In most cases this doesn’t  take long at all.

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