Grand Bay man arrested after beating, choking woman

GRAND BAY, Ala. – A Grand Bay man is in jail accused of choking and beating his girlfriend for the second time in less than a year.  The victim said this time her attacker told her he was going to kill her.

Trent Stokley was denied bond Monday, February 17 because sheriff’s deputies say he committed the same crime against the same victim eight months ago.

The victim told FOX10 News the attack  was triggered, because the suspect was angry about the previous arrest.

The victim said she was violently awakened early Monday.

“Starting at 4 o’clock in the morning he went into a rage, woke me up out of a sleep. Snatched me out of the bed proceeded to punch me, choke me, tell me I was going to die,” she said.

“He would choke me to the point that I would pass out and I would wake up and I could just hear the audible screaming. I would come to and I would try to get him off of me, and then he would put me back out.  And, that went on until about 8am.  Finally he hid my phone, and both sets of my car keys, and he went to sleep.  Then at one o’clock in the afternoon he woke  up and he proceeded to start again,” she explained.

Trent Stokley, 33, is accused of the vicious attack. The victim said Stokley returned her phone briefly after her ex-husband texted him wanting to talk to his six year old son.

“And he told me to text him that everything was okay,” she said.

“And I did, and then I also fired off a secondary message that just said, Mark I need 911. He said I’m going to die, he’s been beating me since 4am.”

After sending the second text, the woman said she was able to quickly delete it before giving the phone back to her attacker.

The ex took the text to authorities. “He filed a report in South Carolina, and the sheriff’s office took it here, and they showed up,” she said.

Lori Myles with the Mobile County Sheriff’s office confirmed deputies acted on the report from South Carolina.

“She had communication with her ex husband and that’s really what alerted us, before he took her communication tools away,” Myles said.

After being beaten and tormented for hours the victim was finally able to sent her ex a text around 7:30 last night.  It was 40 minutes before sheriff’s deputies arrived.  When the patrol car pulled into her drive, the victim says her attacker was telling her she was about to die.

The victim said she was afraid of what could happen when deputies arrived.

“I lingered out in the backyard.  So that when they did show up I ran to them.”

“He came around the corner and said he didn’t know what had happened, and he didn’t know why my ex husband would call the cops.   That the marks on me were self inflicted for attention.  Then the story changed again that he had just gotten back in town yesterday in the evening hours,” she explained.

Eight months ago the victim called 911 and had Stokley arrested. She says he was angry about the last arrest.

“He was convinced that he was going to go to prison for what he had done in June, and that I was going to pay, and he was going to go ahead and kill me, and then he would go to prison as a murderer and not as a woman beater,” she said.

It was the previous arrest that led to no bond in this case. FOX10 News Reporter Renee Dials  asked the victim why she had not left. The woman said she did, but she said she returned, because she feared for the safety of other family members.

Jail records show Stokley has other domestic violence charges dating back to 2008. This victim said she’s only been with him since 2012.

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