Man allegedly commits crimes during morning spree

Police said 39-year-old William Gebhart of Spanish Fort went on a bizarre crime spree early Monday morning, February 17, and is now facing charges of criminal mischief, burglary, theft of property, and attempted murder.

It all began when Gebhart allegedly called police yesterday evening saying that his house had been burglarized.

Police said they sent some officers to check it out, but found nothing suspicious at Gebhart’s home.

Then just after midnight, Gebhart allegedly went to Wilson’s Auto Service Center to steal a car by bashing in the window with a tow truck hook he allegedly swiped off one of the Wilson tow trucks.

Owners at Wilson’s Service Center said the suspect tried to break into a customer’s vehicle that was parked in their parking lot. Police said when he didn’t have much luck and found no keys in the car, he headed just down the street to Mounts Motors Car Lot.

Once he got to Mounts Motors, police said he broke through the window of the building, swiped the keys to this white Cadillac that was parked out front, and drove away.

Police said that’s when he drove the stolen vehicle into his half-brother’s home, with an intent to kill.

“When they interviewed him after he ran the vehicle into the victims house, he had said he was with national security and made references to him being God, and they were trying to kill him earlier in the day, and he had to take them out,” said Chief David Edgar with Spanish Fort Police, “That’s where the attempted murder charges come from.”

Chief Edgar said the Spanish Fort Police Department has had strange calls from Gebhart before.

“We’ve had calls from him in the past that were suspicious in nature, that were unfounded,” explained Edgar, “Which leads us to believe there’s some sort of issue.”

Meanwhile, victims of the crime spree said it’s unsettling that something like this happened in their small town of Spanish Fort.

“It makes me mad, you know, that they have no (respect) for anybody’s property,” said Tracey Goens, Owner of Wilson’s Auto Service Center, “That they’ll steal something, with a sense of entitlement.”

Gebhart is currently being held in the Baldwin County Corrections Center without bond.

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