Sheriff talks METHTEXT revisions

The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office made more arrests over the weekend for meth. Sheriff Sam Cochran sat down with Fox10’s Chasity Byrd to talk about those arrests and the “Meth Text” program that continues to bring in tips to the department.

Five more meth arrests this weekend for the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Sam Cochran said four of those came from one house.

“They knocked on the door, heard noises and found people, they could smell the fumes. They ended up making arrests for manufacturing meth and various other drug charges,” Cochran said.

The “Meth Text” program gets the credit. Cochran started it in 2009 and recently he has updated the program to help capture suspects more quickly. There’s now a direct patrol that can immediately respond to meth tips.

“We’re sort of expedited the response. Our investigators are frequently tied up on major drug investigations and depending on the info  and type of complaint they may or may not be able to launch an investigation. So we’ve sort of cut them out so that our directive patrol intelligence led policing are able to respond immediately,” Cochran said.

Cochran said through past tips, narcotics units, and deputies out in the field, the sheriff’s office has created a database, directly about meth users.

“So we’ve got this great amount of intelligence information. We probably already know something about the person that we’re being tipped off on. That helps us to further substantiate the information being provided to us and make timely arrest,” said Cochran.

The sheriff printed 97 pages of texts that have come in as tips to the “Meth Text” program. He said his department follows up on every one of the tips every one of the tips, and that meth is still a big problem.

“It can be made in the back room of the home or in the back yard with ingredients bough at one or two location close to their home,” said Cochran.

The sheriff said his office is constantly changing tactics as the meth dealers do.

Remember you can send a text message, send a message through the sheriff’s office website, or anonymously call in meth tips to the sheriff’s office.

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